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Kaiyodo miniQ Kunio Sato's lucky dog 2 (1BOX, 6 pieces) figure


Full of good luck! New "Shokubuku Dogs" Inviting Good Fortune!
Adorable "Inviting Good Luck Dogs" inviting good fortune!

The second series of "Lucky Dogs" from the popular Kunio Sato's adorable animal art figure series is now available.
This time, a pug, a chihuahua, and a beagle, newly drawn by Kunio Sato, join the series!
Each of them has been carefully sculpted to reproduce the cute illustration in figure form, including the angle of their gazes and necks, as well as the fur and patterns on their fur.
A cushion base is included for all the figures. The palm-size figures can be freely displayed on a desk or anywhere else.
Please collect the new Kunio World, which is perfect for cute photos on SNS.

Pug (for victory)
Chihuahua (for prosperous business)
Beagle (good health)
Labrador Retriever (yellow) (good marriage)
Toy poodle (black) (prayer for success)

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Product Specifications
Size: 40mm - 45mm (approx.)
Material: Painted PVC and ABS finished product


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